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My personal website, the Designbone Portfolio, has recently been updated.  Follow the link to view the site and explore a few of my design projects in depth. I would love to help you with your design, organization, and custom art needs. My contact information is listed on this blog and under the contact page on the website linked above. Custom orders should be done through my online store at

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Kelly Darbonne
Interior Design Consultant 
Designbone Studio
Recent posts

One of My Pastimes

I like to paint as well as design.  This is a picture I painted for my friend, Amanda, as a wedding gift.  Pedro the frog... Acrylic on wood

And here is another project which will be a New Orleans scene when it is finished.  This picture is not the most recent.  I will post another when I finish.

Ascension Catholic - Pavilion revisited after design completion

As my friends and family know, I am always updating my representational documents.  I have completed my new business card design, new resume, and new portfolio design complete with cover page.  In other good news, Google finally fixed the blog!

I am back to working with Ascension Catholic School.  We made the building smaller and did away with the design phases.  The parents want something that can be built all at once.  We are not going to be able to call it the "New Pavilion Building" anymore.  The pavilion stage is history.

Originally the design was broken down into 3 phases for budgeting purposes.


This phase is a metal structure that would provide shelter from rain for sporting events. 

This phase encloses the basketball court, making the facility more professional.

In this phase an office area is added to the front of the building, and locker rooms are added on the back.  This is intended to be the final stage of design. 

A year has gone b…

Nvelope, Underground Timeshare in Shanghai, China

The extreme density of Shanghai forces living spaces to build vertically, so I felt that placing the time-shares underground would provide the right amount of contrast to compliment the city while still offering an escape. The climate can be regulated underground providing an escape from the extreme humidity of the city above. There are already subway systems in place making transportation to and from each unit effortless. 

Being that the units are completely cut off from natural light, lighting design takes the most dominant roll in the time-share.  High ceilings and low furnishings are  used  to  exaggerate  the  feeling  of  being  underground.  Cubbies  are  used  to  further accentuate this  cave-like  environment.  Using a central floor plan and curtain walls utilizes the space to the utmost efficiency. 

Images from lighting model:

Indirect lighting is shown behind a ceiling cloud in the dining area. Fiber optic lighting is used to simulate wall-washing behind the main seating are…

Gelato Pazzo Caffe! Great people, delicious food.

Gelato's Pazzo Caffe is located in New Orleans, Louisiana on Oak Street. These are images from a hypothetical school project that I worked on for the restaurant. My challenge was to make the pre-existing custom display cases work for the new location. 
New Orleans, LA 70118-2039

Color is used to define space within the restaurant. Such a large room needed to be broken down into smaller spaces to provide privacy for guests. Bar seating is located at the front window. Bar style tables are located along the wall (right). To the rear of the restaurant there is a canopy area with seating. Traditional tables and booths are located behind the ordering counter.

With so many styles of seating and five areas to choose from, guests can decide their level of privacy while dining.  It is important to make your space appealing to a diverse crowd. This was a problem with the previous layout. Guests rarely dined in, which means they spend less. If you can entice customers to ling…

Dialux model and lighting focus

Using the dialux model of my retail space, I was able to determine how many lights the space would require and at what interval to place the fixtures. 
The Receptionist/Checkout counter in the Retail portion of the building features moving, colored light. The GE Immersion color changing LED (typically used for jewelry display cases to provide a bright, uniform light) works on a link system allowing the light fixture to be arranged along a tight curve or awkward angle. It offers the added benefits of long life, advanced thermal management, worry-free maintenance, and reliability. By using an LED fixture, which could be easily arranged in tight spaces, the receptionist desk can be dressed in waves of colored light. These waves of changing color represent the company’s need, ability, and desire to change with needs of their professional market. The Maxis retail store uses a minimalistic color palette and rectilinear forms for fixture displays, which help to further distinguish the desk fr…

Reflected ceiling plans

A rigid, linear layout is used to complement the rectilinear forms of the office plan. Light fixtures were chosen to mimic the forms of the desks and tournament rooms on the mezzanine level. flexible track lighting allows for an organic lighting layout under the Mezzanine level following that of the the office systems furniture chosen from the resolve system by herman miller.